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list of accepted abstracts


Уважаемые участники конгресса!

Если у вас возникла необходимость в визовой поддержке, заполните, пожалуйста, нижеследующую анкету в MS Word и пришлите ее вместе с копией вашего паспорта в международный отдел факультета глобальных процессов МГУ:
[email protected] — Анна Орлова
[email protected] — Татьяна Луцик
list of accepted abstracts
 application form (delegation)
Dear participants of the Congress! If you need visa support, please fill in the following application form in MS Word and send it along with the copy of your passport to the international department of the Faculty of Global Studies, MSU:
[email protected] — Anna Orlova

[email protected] — Tatiana Lutsyk

application form (delegation) We would ask all those who do not exclude the possibility of their taking part in GLOBALISTICS Congress to send us titles of their possible papers and a short abstract of your presentation by August 15, 2015: Email: [email protected]; [email protected] Contact person: prof. Alexander Rozanov, Vice-Dean, Head of International Department, Faculty of Global Studies, MSU. WORKING LANGUAGES: Working languages of the Conference will be English and Russian. Simultaneous translation will be provided during the Conference on the 22nd and 23rd of October. SELECTION OF ABSTRACTS: Selection of presentations will be made by the Organizing Committee and will be based on abstracts invited from the participants. Full papers are optional.   Abstracts should include:

  • Title of the paper;
  • Name of the author(s), name of the Institution with full address, phone/fax/e-mail;
  • Background and purpose of the research;
  • Data and methods which were used;
  • Main results.

Abstracts should not exceed 2-4 pages (Format: Word, 14 font, 1.0 spacing). Full papers should be up to 10 pages. Abstracts and full papers will be published in the Conference Book. The Organizing Committee will not translate the texts of abstracts and papers – they will be published in the original language as submitted by the authors.   DEADLINES AND DATES: Please note that deadlines are renewed! Application for participation with abstracts / full papers  — before 15 August 2015 Application for participation without presentation / report — until 01 October 2015 Selection of abstracts / full papers for the conference program —  20 August 2015   Book of abstracts / full papers will be published by the start of the conference.   APPLICATION & REGISTRATION: Participants are encouraged to apply for their participation before 15 August  2015 if with a paper/presentation, and before 01 October 2015  if without paper/presentation, by sending completed Application Form (please refer below) to the Organizing Committee: [email protected][email protected]. No registration fee is needed. Organizers will provide invitation letters for visa purposes, but do not typically aid, administratively or financially, in the procurement of visas. Travel expenses are on the participants’ account. Reception dinner and coffee-breaks will be provided by the Organizing Committee (Lomonosov MSU).   Organizing Committee Contact Information: Address: 119991, Moscow, GSP-1, Moscow State University, Lenin Hills, 1, b. 51, 1-st campus of humanitarian faculties, the Faculty of Global Studies, Rooms 1163,1165. Phone: (7495) 939-43-23 E-mail address: [email protected]. [email protected]   Website: http://www.fgp.msu.ru, http://globalistics.org

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